Sullivan Bros. has been in business for the last 42 years with extensive experience in solving corrosion and protection control problems and serving such companies as: Yellow Freight, FedEx Freight, New England Motor Freight, Lipton Tea, Ryder Truck, Proctor and Gamble, Holiday Inns, Sprint Corp., AGCO Corporation, British Petroleum, Kansas Dept. of Transportation, Kansas City Power and Light, Siemens Westinghouse, Buckeye Pipelines, Independence School Dist., Raytown School Dist., PAS Technologies and the list goes on.

In 1972 Sullivan Bros. painted two administrative offices for the Allis-Chalmers Combine Division which would later become Deutz-Allis and eventually Agco Allis. After painting those two offices Sullivan’s did maintenance painting for the next twenty years  that included three floors of administrative offices , general offices, exterior of the administrative office, all machines in the sheet metal, machine shop (consisting of appx 350 pieces of equipment) all in plant offices (appx. 16) all in plant restrooms
inside and outside cranes and coated over one hundred eighty thousand sq. ft. of metal roof.


British Petroleum, one of the nations leaders in providing fuel for transportation, energy for heat and lubricants, required a corrosion management and Industrial painting company that could handle their needs. Sullivan’s has provided for those needs in the consulting, preparation, priming and painting of storage tanks and pipe lines. We understand specialized coating systems and their applications and the strict standards set to perform covered functions for operations on pipeline and other facilities under DOT jurisdiction. Our employee’s have received training that utilize programs designed by NACE (National Association of Coating Engineers) and NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) We think it is important to let our customers know we value them and their projects we also value our name, employees and reputation.


In 1975 Sullivan Bros. bid on, and was awarded the contract to paint all the structial steel on the Lipton
Wishbone line.  This incuded the removal of old coating and priming and coating with epoxy on a maintenance shift when the lines became available for maintenance. Through the next several years Sullivan’s did maintenance painting in several departments without interruption to production, including overhead ceiling deck and steel trusses and support structure.


KDOT preserves highway infrastructure and they are professionals at what they do. That is why when the Exterior of their regional office needing painting or metal roofs over their storage area’s and work shops needed coating or fuel storage tanks needed painting they called us, as they knew from past experience we would do the job right and without interruption to their crews or equipment.

If you’re in need of a recommendation on the latest in preparation for a project or the best in coatings, call Sullivan’s for a free and professional evaluation and estimate.


Sullivan Bros. provided in house painters to Siemens Westinghouse to paint refurbished transformers.
Because of time requirements Siemens Management had to do something to decrease the amount of
time it was taking to prepare and paint transformers that they had refurbished. Sullivan Bros. negotiated a maintenance agreement that provided three to five painters literally on a minutes notice, not only lowering the amount of man hours needed for completion of the refurbishing and meeting customers demands but lowering the overall costs of a project.


fedex  NEMF  yellow_freight
Trucking terminals, because of the nature of the business, accumulate dust, dirt, chemicals, smoke and soot from fork trucks and roof leaks which attack the coating of the buildings both from the interior and exterior.
Sullivan Bros., traveling coast to coast with the help of the Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, offered a coating specification that eliminated the vast majority of breakdowns in the coatings. Powerwashing the exteriors to clean and remove old coating, priming the exteriors and coating to provide a new factory type finish, while also coordinating with management, we were able to achieve the same results inside the terminals without interruption to their freight operation. Sullivan Bros. also were able to coat their metal roofs, which stopped roof leaks that could have damaged freight and provided manufacturers warranties.


New England Motor Freight

Yellow Freight


Benedictine Chapel 

In 1901 the cornerstone was put in place for the Benedictine Chapel of Perpetual Adoration and many years later the decision to completely restore the chapel was reached after a number of wall cracks were discovered following some harsh winter months. Further inspection revealed that ceiling plaster had badly deteriorated and the intricate hand painted patterns decorating the archways had flaked off completely in some areas and for the first time in the chapel’s history it was decided outside professional help was need. After many weeks of discussion, studying restoration techniques, consulting with curators of various art museums the Benedictine Sisters signed a contract with Church Decorating and Design a company owned and operated by Sullivan Bros. The restoration of the chapel was, quite simply, one of the most arduous projects we have completed. The task tested practically every company skill and demanded the utmost in physical and metal exertion. The results were worth every minute!