Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished concrete is extremely durable, easy to maintain and can be made available in different sheen’s. Polishing concrete is a process that is done in steps to obtain the level of sheen you want from satin to high-gloss or that meets you aesthetic and maintenance requirements.

Polishing concrete floors requires a great deal of expertise  and the use of specialized polishing machines equipped with images-2diamond impregnated disks that gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of smoothness and sheen.

This is not something the weekend do-it-yourself person wants to take on.Reasons for polishing concrete are lower overall lifetime costs, no  waxing, no chemicals and no wasted labor, all that is required for cleaning is an occasional damp mopping and the floor can be return for immediate use.

120116211839Lighting is another reason for polishing because of its reflectivity. Polished concrete is in demand for restaurants, office buildings, rest rooms and other public facilities that want to have a look that is unique, bright and clean.