Garage Floor Coatings

Getting That Showroom Feel In Your Garage


Garage Floor Coating

We can turn that dull garage floor into a something beautiful in one to two days.  Our floor solutions are  durable, sanitary, easy to clean, waterproof, chemical and corrosion resistant. Epoxy and Urethane floors are practical, long lasting and very easy to maintain making it easy on the budget over the long haul.

Epoxy floors are designed for high traffic and are easily maintained . All finishes are user and environmentally friendly, releasing no harmful components in the installation process and the life of the system installed.

Concrete floors are costly investments and even concrete is subject to disfiguration overtime from the elements, salts, chemicals, and so on, SULLIVAN’S provides ways to protect that investment with Epoxy coating’s or Polished concrete.

We at SULLIVAN’S  BROTHERS PAINTING combine years of experience with manufacture trained professional craftsmen and only the best in materials. We use floor finish for all kinds of traffic areas including, basements, laundry rooms, patios and more.