Industrial Pipe and Tank Coating

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Sullivan Brothers Painting and Epoxy Contractors provide industrial and commercial painting services for the protection and cosmetic enhancement of a variety of substrates including steel, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Our coating applications help prevent corrosion caused by environmental hazards such as atmospheric exposure, fumes, moisture permeation and immersion. Coatings systems can be custom engineered to provide maximum UV resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature stability and waterproofing characteristics.Pipes-painted

Coating options include zinc rich cathodic primers, epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, siloxanes, high temperature silicones, moisture cured resins, acrylic co-polymers, rubberized membranes and industrial dry fall. Typical application areas include storage tanks, piping, structural steel, primary and secondary containment pits, power plants, water treatment facilities, warehouse ceilings, walls and commercial exteriors. Coating application methods include airless spray, conventional spray, brush and roll.

Industrial Painting Kansas CityPre-coating surface preparation is included in all of our installations. Sullivan Brothers has the capability to provide sand blasting, soda blasting, steel shot blasting, power tool cleaning, high pressure water cleaning and steam cleaning. For sensitive areas where the use of conventional preparation methods is not possible we also provide solutions for rust and corrosion encapsulation. We routinely perform substrate testing for blast profile conformance, surface cleanliness, primary adhesion, intercoat adhesion, environmental conditions, and dry film thickness to ensure complete compliance with specifications and industry standards.


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In addition to our field operations, we also provide abrasive blasting and painting services at our facility. We have the ability to handle pieces of equipment both large and small to suit our client’s individual needs. Our fast turnaround capacity provides our customers peace of mind knowing their projects will be completed on time and in full. The team at Sullivan Brothers strives to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide the very best industrial and commercial painting services.